Wedding Videography

With wedding photography comes wedding videography that shows the continuous form of art with added music and transitions during editing and adds romance to your wedding video. As we both (couple) are into the wedding photography and wedding videography it gives you and us both a step forward, as we understand our style of work with no hassle on your wedding day.

Wedding videography allows you with the ability to document your wedding day as it happened, to see you walk down the gangway, to hear your voices as you interchange vows and rings, to hear and see the toasts, the music, your first dance at the reception, and also offers you a chance to reserve the complete story of your wedding.

Wedding videography gives a superb and real idea of the wedding day celebrations that you both have been planning for months. You both had put in hours to organize your wedding day to look BEST. On the day of your wedding, you both are so much occupied that sometimes you miss seeing the final results of your hard work that had gone into the preparations and that’s where wedding videography helps you see it once your wedding celebrations are over.

Seeing your wedding videography is not only satisfying to both of you but for your generations to come as they also enjoy seeing it that gives them an idea of how their parents celebrated their big day during their times.

So What Happens Next?

It’s lazy Saturday afternoon and you both are at your place alone, it’s raining outside and you can see the rainfall through the glass windows and what happens next is that one of you go into the kitchen and prepare hot coffee and together you both decide to watch your wedding celebration through your wedding video while sipping coffee and sitting side by side holding each other’s hand on a sofa. Isn’t it like a Hollywood/Bollywood style story?

How we prefer to shoot:

Most of the wedding videography in London and Harrow is done while it is unfolding on your big wedding day but sometimes if we think it is necessary to create some story we discuss with the couple and if they are happy then only we go-ahead to do so. We respect your decision.

Why we advise:

Our advice to the couple is to go for a minimum of two videographers as it allows covering many times the same shot from two different angles and when combined during editing gives a beautiful effect of the same scene. It does not mean that you cannot go for a single videographer to cover your wedding celebrations and this can be discussed during our meeting.

We Are:

We both (couple) are wedding photographers and wedding videographers in London and Harrow surrounding 20 miles location and this is an added advantage to you as a couple and us also as we well understand each other’s style and the day passes hassle-free.

If this sounds good then please use the “CONTACT FORM” to contact us and we will arrange a meeting at our place to discuss further.