Wedding photography

Wedding photography for us is similar to an artist who creates a sculpture from clay, putting an idea, creates a dream shape for the world to see and admire the creativity of an artist.

We create and give shape to your wedding images, similar to a sculpture that creates a sculpture from clay, and wherein our style and experience combined with your suggestions bring out a beautifully crafted result in the form of dreamy images on your special wedding day.

On the wedding day, we photograph your beautiful eyes, your smile and the smile on the faces of your loved ones, your colorful outfits, your emotions, your love, your shyness and the flowing humor in the air through our eyes of lenses. We love to capture the start of your new journey on the wedding day where two souls, two loving individuals accept to become one for life.

So what makes that special memories look real and beautiful

We come across ample natural moments happening around us during your wedding day and we never want to miss those beautiful natural moments. And that is the reason we capture what is happening during your wedding registration and throughout the day where the guests are seen responding to it with clapping, cheering gestures and laughter.

How about those creative poses

Because we both are from the world of stage and dance we make sure to create those portrait poses of the couple together and individually also. We take pride in creating timeless group photographs as we think that is very important on your wedding day to keep you attached to your loving guest.

We Rise to the Event, Big or Small!

Great occasions don’t just happen. They’re wisely created behind the scenes by the people who know how to move mountains and make the magic happen.

We as an Asian Luxury wedding photographer’s London team is fortified to handle every trait of your event, from the small details like tablecloths to the huge challenges including unconventional rigging to make a big difference. We design each component – from the printed materials to visuals and sound as well as lighting. We, therefore, help you host an occasion that will engross, entertain and inspire.

And, you can rest easy knowing that we as a destination wedding photographer in London will be there before, during and after your event to ensure that flawless execution becomes possible at every step of the way.

Our Wedding Services

How essential is a professionally-produced wedding video? Let’s suppose you had to take a chance between a book of professional photos of the day your parents were married, a full HD video of that same day, with stereo sound, and that would be all you could keep as a family heirloom.

As astonishing as photos are, we think the irresistible choice is understandable. And, we as an Indian wedding photographer in Harrow and London can help you in getting this happen successfully.

Through this, not only you are apprehending a splendid event for generations to come, but you are also preserving emotion, character, laughter, and enjoyment of all who attended that particular occasion. We as wedding photographers in Hertfordshire and Wedding photographers in Leicestershire present wedding videos that will turn your special day into a cinematic production – that is easy to watch over and over again to remember and cherish the emotion as irresistible memories.

This wasn’t possible in the past but we as Asian luxury wedding photographers in Harrow and London make this happen.

Even today, you have only one chance to be sure your wedding day is captured professionally, and there is just one chance to be sure all of the emotions, the love, and laughter that are preserved for you by our Indian wedding photographer’s in London skill set to share again and again. Today, professional photographers cum videographers have become an essential part of the wedding ceremony.

Digital Photography & Print

We are famous destination wedding photographers in Harrow and London because we have elevated the standards for professional wedding video production by uniting an artistic vision with cutting-edge technology. Our unique style covers every candid and special moment with sights and sounds that can only be captured by the motion picture camera.

We use the modern Professional High Definition (HD) Multi cameras and editing set up to maintain the high standard as a Wedding and pre-wedding photographer in Harrow and London. We offer unmatched quality and guaranteed satisfaction to all our clients. We provide modified solutions and budgets as per your exclusive requirements.

Importance of Pre Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography creates a platform and bonding between the couple and us ( Pre-wedding Photographers) which is important for both of us on the wedding day. The collection of images from Pre Wedding photography also allows both of you to display or utilize the pre-wedding photographs on your big day. You can also create a guest-signing book for your guest to give their blessings through beautiful words.

To create all this we believe in meeting our clients and stay in touch whenever necessary to discuss what our client’s requirements are and to know their guest list also.

We would be pleased and honored to document your special wedding day. So to start with let us meet and engage in an informal meeting to understand your vision and for that, you are always welcome to our studio.

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