Maternity Photography


So why would one decide to get their Maternity Photography done by choosing the best Maternity Photographers in London or Harrow? The answer is very simple but very much attached to the parents and especially to the mother who carries the beautiful new member to come to this new world to add to their family. The excitement throughout the time to giving birth has so many memories attached to it and to cherish on those moments parents go-ahead to have the Maternity photography in London or Harrow done.

Where We Work From

We work from our Harrow studio but we are always ready to travel to your chosen location. We specialize in outdoor photography giving a touch of an artistic look to your Maternity Photography in Harrow and London. We can add animals while doing your Maternity Photography outdoors. For getting your Maternity Photography done at your chosen location and if the travel is long then an additional amount will be added to the quote to cover our travel cost and time.

What We Provide

We as Maternity Photographers in London and Harrow have a selected range of gowns available at no cost to you. You are free to use those gowns during your Maternity Photography.

What You Need To Do

We advise you to get your makeup and hairstyle done or if you want us to suggest a makeup and hairstylist we can provide you their details and you will have to directly deal with them.

Our Packages

We provide various types of packages but our initial charge of £99.00 called as session fee is payable at the time when you decide to book us and confirm the date. The Session fee we charge covers our cost to get the Maternity Photography done including our time and the date confirmed but does not cover for images. We have 4 types of packages to choose from including our Ala Carte section that we can discuss at the time when you come to view the images.

We advise our clients that the best time to do Maternity Photography is after 7 months of pregnancy but as said we are flexible in the date. Change in date is acceptable but with a very valid reason or we may suggest after seeing the pregnant Mother.

We love to talk to our clients so feel free to contact us and for please click on the “BOOK AN APPOINTMENT” button below or use the “CONTACT FORM”.